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Ground Mount Installation

  1. Lay out your ground mount as shown in the photo.
  2. Bolt your ground mount together with the provided mounting hardware. The tubes are intended to help hold the ground mount together during the pounding and will be later removed and discarded. Make sure all the bolts are tight. They may need to be periodically tightened during the pounding process. Locate a position which has no hidden obstructions (telephone, gas or other utility lines) Place your ground mount in position and you are ready to begin the pounding.
  3. TIP If your ground is too rocky or hard to allow a pound in process you may want to consider digging a full size hole for a complete concrete surround. Or another possibility is a partial hole for a hybrid (pound in / concrete in) ground mount.
  4. As you start pounding in your ground mount (the larger the sledge hammer the better) the most important thing is to get it straight. We can’t stress enough that once it gets started crooked it is almost impossible to straighten it out. Constant checking with a level on both the front and the sides is the only way to assure a straight installation. We recommend the use of a 4” X 4” block of wood if pounding on the top to avoid marring or bending over the angle iron. The same block of wood can also be used when pounding on the pounding pedestal, but the pedestal will eventually be sunken in flush with the ground so it really doesn’t matter if it gets bent up a little.
  5. Keep going until your pedestal is flush with the ground. You are now ready to set up your pole.

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6008 Lakeview Rd. Larsen, WI. 54947
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LetFreedomFly is a registered entity of A-Fab, Inc.
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