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LetFreedomFly.com Flag Pole Installation:

#1 Lay your flag pole out as pictured.

#2 Remove the ground mount tubes and insert a bolt through the bottom hole of the ground mount and the bottom hole of your flag pole as shown.

#3. Attach the halyard stay as pictured with the two included screws in the predrilled holes.

fpinstall_03.jpg - 7547 Bytes

#4. Slide the nut block down inside the top of your pole and attach the pulley as shown. Tighten the nut on the outside.

fpinstall_04.jpg - 8809 Bytes

#5. Assemble pole by slipping the middle section over and onto the lower section and the upper section over and onto the middle section. NOTE: Be sure that your top swivel and lower halyard stay are in line to prevent rope from twisting around the pole.

#6. Tie on rope snaps with a single knot at the middle of the rope to match your flag grommets and secure with a little hot melt glue or epoxy. Lay halyard out as shown and route the rope through the pulley so that the flag snaps are on the rope which are farthest away from the pole.

fpinstall_06.jpg - 6461 Bytes

#7. Push the 4 poly ball pole topper over the top of your pole.

fpinstall_07.jpg - 8058 Bytes

#8. Lift pole and stand it up as shown. Insert upper bolt through the ground mount and pole.

fpinstall_08.jpg - 5276 Bytes

#9. Tie off halyard and trim any excess rope. NOTE: The knot that ties your halyard together should be at this location with the flag raised. The flag can now be attached and hoisted.

fpinstall_09.jpg - 5426 Bytes fpinstall_10.jpg - 3847 Bytes

These poles are carefully manufactured by us at our facility in Larsen, WI.-no middle men-no sales team-no retail mark-up-just us passing the savings-directly to you.

The 26' flagpole includes a three piece sectional flagpole, nylon rope halyard, 3' X 5' American Flag, lower rope stay, upper swivel pulley and nut block, flag snaps, and poly pole topper. Everything included so you can let freedom fly...and let it fly high...where it belongs...Like America...Proud and tall.

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6008 Lakeview Rd. Larsen, WI. 54947
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LetFreedomFly is a registered entity of A-Fab, Inc.
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